Trivia Crack


Multiplayer trivia from the creators of Aworded


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Trivia Crack is an online trivia game developed by Etermax, creators of the great word game Aworded. This game uses more or less the same gameplay as the well-known trivia game Triviados.

Playing is simple: take turns answering questions, your responses to which are sent over the Internet, and do your best to answer more questions correctly than your opponent. And, at times during a normal game you'll be able to enter into an individual duel by challenging a friend.

The game has more than 90,000 different questions divided into six categories. There are also 4 different power-ups to help you out of tough situations, but of course you don't want to abuse them - because then how will you show off your wide range of knowledge?

One thing Trivia Crack has over the competition is its great graphic design, which is bright and fun, with some colorful characters that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Trivia Crack is a fun multiplayer trivia game with enough questions to keep you busy for many, many games.
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